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June 2013




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Jun. 23rd, 2013


V: Changes, Chapter 2 -- Basic Training

A/N: see chapter 1barnwill
Willie works on fulfilling his job description.

Willie met the boss in the master bedroom and waited anxiously as Barnabas reviewed his list, crossing off the items of which he did not approve.

“Paper towels. Why would one make towels from paper? Ridiculous.” He crossed it off. “Brillo pads? What are those?”

“For scrubbin’ the kitchen pots. They’re pretty gross.”

“You have already asked for a scrub brush, or are you planning to use it once and discard that as well?

“No, it’s just that—”

“Logs? Why on earth would you buy logs? You go into the woods and you cut them. Have you even looked in the wood shed?” He crossed off Logs and penciled in Axe followed by a question mark. “Raid? I’m afraid to ask.”
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Apr. 21st, 2013

Hemlock Grove eyes


Introducing the Hemlock Grove Fan Fiction Community!

hemlockgroveff is a new Community where you can post your Fan Fics featuring actors and characters from the new series Hemlock Grove. We accept and encourage all pairings and ratings and welcome your creative efforts!

RPS and Character Fanart (graphics, manips, wallpapers, icons, banners, drawings or paintings) is welcome here too.

Thanks for joining us at Hemlock Grove FF!

HG FF Banner 600X455

Apr. 9th, 2013


Dark Shadows, Part 1: Little Willie, Chapter 1--Prologue

Disclaimer: I do not own Dark Shadows or any other copyrighted material contained herein. lilwill

December 25, 1956

Willie Loomis was born in the late afternoon to a nineteen-year-old unemployed telephone operator. The father of her baby was a used car salesman in his thirties. He did not offer to marry the girl. In fact, he denied paternity and questioned her faithfulness. Truth be told, the man already had a wife and several children.
Lydia continued to work as long as she could. She bought herself a wedding ring and wore a tight girdle, but eventually her misfortune became too obvious, and her employment with the phone company was abruptly terminated.

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Feb. 7th, 2013

Grim Reaper & Blond


Rage Against The Minotaur

Title: Rage Against the Minotaur
Author: SSX
Pairing: Minotaur/Alice
Rating: NC17
Warnings: violence, minotaur sex, oral, non con, character death

Summary: Alice is transported to a ruined mansion where a berserk Minotaur hunts, captures and violates her. To survive the vicious attack, she much focus her rage against the Minotaur.
Note: This story contains graphic violence and sex. If that offends you, don't read.

Rage Against the Minotaur
Rage Against the Minataur SSX

Jan. 23rd, 2013

Werewolf Red


Surrender to the Beast

Title: Surrender to the Beast
Author: SSX
Pairing: Werewolf/Tasha
Rating: NC17
Warnings: rape, blood, violence, werewolf sex, anal, character death

Summary: Unsuspecting virgin, Tasha, is attacked by a werewolf determined to impregnate her and pass on it's dark curse to a new generation of werewolves.
Note: This story contains graphic violence and sex. If that offends you, don't read.

Instinct drove it, like it had many times before. It had to spread what it was, and soon. Through bite and blood, through impregnation to create an offspring.

Surrender to the Beast

Jan. 19th, 2013

Devil Girl


Lil Red Ridden

Title: Lil Red Ridden
Author: Risque MiMi
Pairing: Wolf/Red, Misha/Red, Hunter/Red, Woodsmen/Red
Rating: NC17
Warning: het, fem slash, voyeurism, wolf sex, outdoor sex, punishment, dub con
Summary: Red is ravished by a wolf in the woods and many others on her 17th birthday.

Lil Red Ridden
Lil Red-Ridden

Jan. 18th, 2013

Grim Reaper & Blond


Shadow Demon Transformation

Title: Shadow Demon Transformation
Author: SSX
Pairing: Shadow Demon/ Heidi
Rating: NC17
Warnings: rape, worm tongue, two dicks, violence, demon sex, triple penetration

Summary: Heidi is attacked by a vicious Shadow Demon who has more than sexual violation in mind.
Note: This story contains scenes of graphic violence and forced sex. If that offends you, don't read it.

Behind, eyes sparkling like jewels in the distance, the only piece of the body clearly discernable was the shadow.

Shadow Demon Transformation

Dec. 3rd, 2012

All Are Welcome


Pervy Lit Desires Erotic Dark Fics

Pervy Lit is The New Literary Showcase for Writers of Erotic Fiction.

Feel Free to post any and all fan fic pairings and original sensual stories.

All sexual orientations are welcome and encouraged at Pervy Lit.

Join us! We adore our Writers and our Readers!

Feed Your Desire At Pervy Lit

Please Read our Rules Before Submitting a Story

May. 13th, 2012


fanfic and boycott Dark Shadows


The story is adult and rated X for most parts.

Please consider boycotting (which means don't go see) the new Dark Shadows movie. Dan Curtis never wanted his concepts to be laughed at and made fun of and said so on numerous occasions. The movie with Depp by the awful Tim Burton is awful and terrible.

Feb. 12th, 2012



21 stories added to WWOMB Sat

21 stories posted on WWOMB Saturday February 11, 2012

1 Big Valley
2 Boondocks
1 CSI Miami
1 Emergency
1 Firefly
1 Harry Potter
1 Hawaii Five 0 (2010)
1 Inuyasha
1 Lancer
1 Legion Of Superheroes
1 The Lord Of The Rings
1 Non-fiction
1 Numb3rs
1 Original Fiction
2 Smallville
1 Xena

Story list under the cut...
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